Clint Session wanted for failure to pay child support

Clint Session wanted for failure to pay child support

Children need to be supported by their parents in a number of ways, but when parents are not together, both should be sure to support their child financially. After a judge has decided which parent will pay child support and how much, parents need to make sure they make these payments in a timely manner every month. Should they decide that child support is optional, and not really something they should concern themselves with, they may have to face the consequences.

Ex-football player Clint Session is reportedly in trouble with the law for his failure to pay child support for his daughter. It was alleged that he owes nearly $400,000 in back child support and medical expenses, which is an amount that a court determined he is capable of paying, A warrant has been issued, and he will be taken to jail unless he can pay the amount of child support that he owes.

It is not uncommon for parents to neglect their responsibility to pay child support. It is true that certain things may prevent a parent from being able to make payments on time, but when they don’t attempt to make payments, it may result in an arrest. They will also still be responsible for paying what is owed, and any future payments until child support payments are no longer necessary.

When a judge orders a parent to pay child support, the parent should consider how it will affect the child if they fail to pay. Children need the support of both parents, so when child support is not paid, the child suffers because they are not being cared for the way they need to be. It is also not fair to leave one parent responsible for the child, which is why when a parent is not paying child support, it should be reported.

Source: Indy Star, “Arrest order issued for Ex-Colt Clint Session,” Stephen Holder, May 9, 2016

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