Child support provides financial security for single parents

Child support provides financial security for single parents

Child support is not just an issue between divorcing spouses but also for couples who have children born out of wedlock. In Orange County, and all across the state of California, child support issues are often disputed in family law courts.

Readers understand how important child support is, especially for the soon-to-be single parents or the custodial parents. Raising a child nowadays is much more difficult if one parent is absent. Single parents may be forced to juggle their finances in order for them to provide for the needs of the children. That is why it is important for both parents to thoroughly discuss child support cases during divorce and in cases where the child is born out of wedlock.

Before signing a divorce agreement, parents should consider some factors such as where they want to live, if they want to raise the children in the marital home and which property or assets they wants to keep — some of which may provide financial support so that the parent and children can start a new life. By taking these factors into consideration, a custodial parent can decide on the amount of child support they need to raise their child. A custodial parent should take note that child support can help them obtain a solid financial footing. Without the support, the children and the single parent may suffer financially.

According to 2012 Census data, there are about 14 million households in the United States with single parents who are less financially stable than those raising children in two-parent households. Approximately 83 percent of the nation’s single-parent homes are run by females.

Single parents either seeking child support or making child support payments may have questions about the process. It is important for both parents to keep their finances in check, to ensure that the children well-cared for.

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