Child support payments mustn’t be considered a burden


There are often questions that come up about child support. We recently discussed the answer to one important question — whether child support can be used for entertainment of the child or not. If you recall, the answer to this is that the recipient parent can use the child support money on entertainment options for the child.

This is one thing that parents tend to forget is that the support payments actually belong to the child. The recipient parent is only there as a conduit to ensure that the money gets to where it needs to go. Parents who are ordered to pay child support might benefit from remembering this since the payments are covering things your children need. We can answer any questions you might have about child support payments.

When your finances are tight, paying child support might seem like a burden. While this is understandable, you have to remember that your child needs to be supported even if it does put a burden on your finances. In most cases, the child can’t earn a wage that would support him or her, so a parent must handle this while they are minors.

For the parent who is receiving child support, it is easy to assume that payments are always going to be on time. Many paying parents do make sure that this happens, but there are times when it might not come right when you expect it. Trying to find out what happened might help you to decide how to handle the situation. In some instances, this might require you to take legal action. We can help you with this.

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