Child support payments go to your ex, but support your children


When you have children, you realize that they require financial support. For some people, it might seem like it is easier to financially support a child when they are still in a relationship with the child’s other parent. But, the need for the child to have financial support doesn’t end if the parents’ relationship ends.

We understand that having to pay child support might seem like a burden, especially since you likely spend money on your kids when they are with you. But you should think of child support as an opportunity to provide financial support for your children when they aren’t with you.

The child support that you pay helps to keep a roof over your children’s heads and food on the table for them. It helps to keep the utilities on and clothes in their closets. Even though you make the payments to your ex, the money will almost certainly be used to care for the children because there is a good chance that your children’s expense cost more per month than what you pay in child support.

Of course, there are times when child support payments might be misappropriated or cases in which you aren’t actually paying the right amount. In these cases, heading to court might be necessary. We can review your case so that you can learn what available options you have. You must ensure that you handle these matters in a way that is best for your child, not in a way that seems like the easiest for you or the most difficult for your ex.

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