Child support modifications can come with specific circumstances

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A child support order is meant to ensure that both parents are putting up money to support the financial needs of a child. Unfortunately, even the best laid out child support order might not make the responsibility equal. There are some instances in which the initial order meets the needs of the situation, but it might not be adequate throughout the child’s life.

There may need to be a modification of the child support order if the circumstances change. For the paying parent, the need might arise if you lose your job or are demoted. In these cases, you might not be able to keep up with the ordered payments. Still, you should pay to the best of your ability because you will end up in arrears if you don’t. Additionally, you need to file the modification petition as soon as possible. The modification likely can’t be applied retroactively, so the sooner you can get it handled, the better you might be financially.

The parent who receives the child support might also file for a modification. This often comes if the cost of raising the child increases dramatically and unexpectedly. It might also happen if the paying parent gets a promotion or raise. In this case, you should file for the modification as soon as possible since this might help you to get the support you need faster than if you wait around before filing.

No matter which side of the case you are on, remember that a modification isn’t going to come from a small change in circumstances. Typically, the change that makes the modification necessary has to be significant.

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