Child support in California can be about more than money

Child support in California can be about more than money

Parents going through a divorce typically have several emotions and difficult decisions to deal with as they separate. However, the most important issue in a divorce is the wellbeing of the children involved. Being a good parent doesn’t end when a marriage ends. Even though there may be child support ordered, there can be much more that a parent can do to support the health and happiness of a child.

Before parents even broach the subject of financial support, mothers and fathers can certainly strive to be active participants in a child’s life to illustrate the fact that they will play a supportive role. By aiming to be stay involved with a child and keeping things as normal as possible will help a child make the difficult transition from one household to two.

It is understandably difficult for parents to adjust to being a two-household family. They are likely going to have support both homes on the same income that once supported a single home. Undoubtedly, this is difficult for many families in California, and nationwide. Review and adjust the expenses for the mother, the father, the child and those that are shared to determine what is necessary to support the lifestyle of the children involved.

Keep in mind, too, that child support arrangements can be adjusted as lifestyles and careers change. For some parents, it can be appropriate to assign payments based on percentage of income, which can fluctuate as a parent’s income changes.

When it comes to supporting a child after a divorce, financial responsibility is essential when protecting the best interests of the child. However, making child support payments is just one part of co-parenting. At the end of the day, parents who cooperate with one another and stay focused on the wellbeing of their children are helping to support their future and emotions.

Source: Fox Business, “Managing Finances Through a Divorce,” Andrea Murad, Sept. 18, 2012

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