Child custody orders might need to evolve as a child grows


The matters that come up with child custody can change with different seasons and as the children grow. Any parent who is in the middle of a child custody case knows how difficult it is to think about everything that might need to be covered in a custody agreement. We can make sure that the basics are handled so that you and your ex can work on trying to fine tune things as time goes on.

With the summer months coming up, parents who are divorced need to think about childcare for the time when school is out. This is especially important for younger children, but might also apply to older children who still need some sort of supervision.

There are two ways that this can unfold during the summer. One is that both parents can work together to come up with an arrangement that will be in place all summer. The other is that each parent can make plans for when the child is with them. The option that you and your ex choose depends on what is best for your situation.

We understand that the thought of having to work out all these plans might seem overwhelming. This is why you should start now. The stress will only increase if you wait until closer to summer.

You should also remember that what works for this year might not work for next year. As children grow up and mature, the way you handle summer vacation and a host of other decisions will have to change. Don’t be afraid to seek child custody modifications to help the order meet your child’s current needs.

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