Child custody matters are best handled away from your child


Child custody matters are sensitive issues that can have a big impact on the children involved. We recently discussed why it is important to keep the focus on your children and not the divorce when the kids have something special going on. This is actually good advice every single day of the year.

Your children didn’t cause your divorce. While they have to deal with the effects of the divorce, they shouldn’t have to deal with the strife that accompanies many divorces. You and your ex should handle all child custody matters privately.

It might be hard for you to bite your tongue when your ex starts baiting you, but it will almost certainly be better for the kids if you wait to handle matters privately. Think carefully about how each thing you do impacts your children. This includes what you say and do.

We know that you might have some concerns that you want addressed in the child custody order. We can help you prioritize your concerns and include all vital matters.

Child custody dilemmas sometimes require creative thinking. We work along with you to find creative solutions for issues that are plaguing you.

If you and your ex can set aside your differences and hurt feelings and work together for a little bit, you might be able to handle your child custody matters through mediation. This would allow you to get issues resolved faster than if you have to turn to the court. A faster resolution means that you can start to settle into the “new normal” with your children.

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