Child custody and child-rearing concerns in a same-sex marriage

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Child custody and child-rearing concerns in a same-sex marriage

The striking down of the Defense of Marriage Act opened up a lot of avenues for gay and lesbian couples. Orange County, including the other counties in California, is feeling the societal shift as well now that the changes are starting to set in. Naturally, as in every societal shift, there are concerns about aspects of life like child custody and how to properly raise a child in a same-sex marriage.

It has never been easy for same-sex couples. Thus, they have a natural fear that their children, whether biological or adopted, will go through the same hardships that they went through. Nonetheless, however legitimate those fears are they can easily be addressed with an open mind and an equally open heart.

A common fear is that the child will not be safe. This refers to bullying or social ridicule. To help alleviate this fear, parents may wish to join a support group to become educated on handling situations as well as educating other people. Religion is also a haunting concern for parents as religious organizations have differing views concerning the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. Nevertheless, a parent should bear in mind that the principle of faith is deeply rooted in the concept of love. That should be the cornerstone of a child’s development.

Finally, parents are concerned that their child will have a difficult life. A child has the same chance to have a good life whether he or she is in a same-sex or traditional family. The secret is an open line of communication. Not letting negativity creep into a child’s life is essential.

Child custody and co-parenting issues and disputes arise whether parents are of the same sex or the opposite sex. In order to not complicate the situation further, an Orange County couple should consider seeking guidance from a family law professional. An experienced and sympathetic legal professional can make a significant difference in ironing out family law issues.

Source: Huffington Post, “Parents Of Gay Children: How To Be Supportive Despite Common Fears” Rick Clemons, Aug. 31, 2013

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