Child care plans for the holidays need to be made now


Children who are in school have some breaks coming up that parents need to think about. If your children will need child care during these, you should likely start making plans for this now. This is especially true if you are divorced since you will have to take the child custody schedule into account.

As you look at the schedule for the remainder of the year, find out what days you need to have someone to watch the children. If you and your ex both have days that will require care, discuss this with your ex. Will both of you bring the child to the same person or place? How will you split the tuition or payments if you do use the same one? These are questions that are best handled now so that you aren’t trying to rush to make plans just before the day your child needs a sitter.

One thing that you might consider is having your child spend time with family members during these breaks. As long as they are able and willing, grandparents, aunts and uncles might enjoy having time to build a relationship with your children. If you don’t have family members around who can do this, you might even consider using some of your vacation time, so you can relax some without the stress of work and school.

Just remember that the parenting plan is in place for a reason. It should be followed unless you and your ex amicably agree on changes to it. If there are things that aren’t going to work any longer, you might need to explore modifying the plan. We can work with you on this, so you know what’s possible.

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