Chef Cat Cora divorcing her partner of 17 years

When people think of divorce, they probably think of the nasty disputes that could take place and the many trips to court that may have to be made if things turn ugly between them and their spouse. It is true that divorces can be a lot for a person to deal with and can cause them stress, but not every divorce is like that. Despite what many may think, some couples are actually able to end things amicably and get what they want without engaging in heated disputes that last for months or years.

Cat Cora, who is a celebrity chef, has recently announced that she will be divorcing her partner, Jennifer Cora. It was reported that Jennifer Cora was the first to move forward with the divorce process and that the next day Cat Cora’s petition was filed. The two have been together for 17 years and have four sons together. In a statement, Cat Cora said that she and Jennifer Cora are planning to jointly raise their sons following the divorce.

It has not yet been revealed if the couple had a prenup or how they plan to divide their property and assets. Depending on whether or not there was a prenup in place, Jennifer Cora may be entitled to some of Cat Cora’s earnings or could possibly receive alimony once everything is finalized. They may also have to discuss the topic of child support for their four children.

Anyone who is planning to divorce their spouse will want to speak to an attorney. Divorces can be difficult and, depending on how things play out, it could take quite some time for spouses to resolve disputes and get the divorce finalized. It is for that reason people will want a knowledgeable attorney by their side to help them throughout the divorce process.

Source: WTOP, “Celebrity chef Cat Cora, partner divorcing in California,” Nov. 9, 2015

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