Can moms be forced to pay child support?

Can moms be forced to pay child support?

If you are locked in a bitter child custody and support dispute, and you are a working woman, the divorce matter involving Bethenny Frankel may pique your interest. Frankel is a reality TV star, who appears on the Real Housewives of New York. Before coming back to the show after a two year hiatus (where she hosted her own television talk show) Frankel created and sold an alcohol line called Skinnygirl.

Her financial status is important, because it is indicative of the fact that women can be made to pay spousal maintenance and child support, and even attorneys fees when going through a divorce. These payments are supposed to be temporary measures meant to maintain the status quo while the parties go through a divorce. Essentially, a party without means to hire competent counsel may petition the court to have the wealth bearing spouse pay their attorney’s fees.

Against that backdrop, consider this; a recent judge’s ruling indicated that Frankel’s soon-to-be ex-husband makes just over $100,000 per year (in New York, that is) while Frankel makes considerably more (at least $1 million). Because of this, the court ruled that she shall pay his lawyers $100,000 by June 1.

In addition, Frankel will continue to pay carrying costs on the apartment they own (and where he lives) which totals $11,000 per month. She will also pay 97 percent of their child’s daycare tuition, as well as child support to her estranged husband. The payment order will only last one year. It is expected that the parties will have resolved their differences, or have a ruling, by then.

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