Can I tell if divorce is in my future?

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A marriage is a relationship that requires a lot of work and give and take. There are times when a marriage begins to falter. The way your relationship rebounds is based on how the two of you work together to fix the problem. If the problem cannot be fixed it could lead to more serious issues such as divorce. So, how can I tell if divorce is in my future?

If intimacy has disappeared from your marriage, you might be headed for divorce. Intimacy is important on two levels: physical and emotional. There needs to be a connection between you and your spouse in more way than one.

Do you and your spouse have trouble resolving conflicts peacefully or at all? Many divorcing couples have a lot of trouble fixing their problems without help. Then there are other couples that don’t fix any of their problems and simply let them fester.

Do either of you focus more on activities outside of the marriage? Maybe you stay extra late at work to avoid talking to your spouse. Maybe you spend a lot of time with friends instead of your spouse. Some couples pour all of their energy into spending time with their children instead of their spouse.

When couples begin blaming problems on each other, divorce could be close. Spouses should never play the blame game, especially if they are involved in a strong, healthy relationship.

Divorce is a difficult word to hear when your spouse approaches you with the idea. Finding a way to move forward in California can be very difficult at first. The harder you work towards accepting your future, the easier it will be to move on from the failed marriage.

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