California couple celebrates their divorce


It’s very easy to feel a little bit jealous of a happy couple when they announce their impending marriage. After all, don’t we all a want to find that special someone with whom we can share our life? But on the flip side, when a marriage does not work out, that same once happy couple may endure a very tempestuous divorce, the kind of which we all hope to avoid.

So can you imagine envying a couple who is going through a divorce? Well, one splitting couple who resides in California recently finalized a divorce that went so well that they decided to throw a party to celebrate.

The couple’s fiesta was actually the subject of a story on ABC’s “Good Morning America” program. The former wife stated that she and her ex-husband had thrown many great parties in the past and thought that one final blowout would be appropriate. She said that having a party might actually serve to help family and friends get past the awkwardness of the couple’s divorce.

The couple was married for 24 years and now apparently wish each other only the best. Their property division was done amicably. They plan on remaining friends and even gave each other gifts in acknowledgment of the divorce.

Unfortunately, this couple’s story is very much the exception rather than the rule. A typical divorce has at least some emotional upheaval and the asset division process can become extremely contentious. As such, to protect your interests when divorcing, it can be a very wise idea to solicit the services of an experienced family law attorney.

Source: ABC News, “Former Couple Throws a Party For Friends and Family to Mark Their Divorce,” Dec. 21, 2016

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