Brittany Spears child support goes up after court ruling

Brittany Spears has two sons, ages 12 and 13. She has not had custody of the boys since 2007 when she lost it to Kevin Federline, the boys’ father.

In 2007, Spears attacked the paparazzi and drove a vehicle while her license was suspended with both kids in the car. The icing on the cake came when she did not return the boys to Federline when she was scheduled to.

Spears has been in and out of various hospitals for mental evaluations and more. In 2008, she gave legal and physical custody of the boys to Federline. She still had visitation rights. She was ordered to pay him $20,000 a month in child support.

In 2018, Federline returned to court to seek a child custody modification. He requested that Spears’ child support be raised to $40,000 a month. The former dancer said that his age has contributed to him being unable to dance any longer. Spears is said to make more than $34 million a year.

While the complete details of the modification were not made public, it is believed that she was ordered or agreed to pay Federline $40,000 a month in child support, as well as $110,000 to cover Federline’s legal fees. In March of this year, Spears checked herself into a rehab facility, which Federline commended her for.

Are you paying or receiving child support and you believe a modification in the amount is needed? An attorney can help you petition the court for more support or to pay less support. It is not a good idea to simply quit paying the court-ordered amount or to just accept less than is fair. Your attorney will be able to seek the right child support amount from the court so that your life and the lives of your children, are well-taken care of.

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