Beyonce’s father criticized for denying child support

Here in Orange County, California, residents and attorneys are well aware of how important child support payments are in a child’s life. The monthly payments not only cover the everyday expenses of the child but health care and educational expenses as well. Thus, delinquent payments or no payments can seriously compromise the future of a child.

This may be what a woman is feeling after releasing a statement to the media about her son’s father not wanting to pay child support. The 3-year-old child’s father is also singer Beyonce’s father, Matthew Knowles. The woman stated that she had an 18-month relationship with Knowles in which they lived together. However, four months into the woman’s pregnancy, Knowles decided he did not want the responsibility of a second family. He has since denied the son child support.

To prove the legitimacy of the woman’s claim, a paternity test was done and test results showed that Knowles was indeed the father of the child. Knowles and the child’s mother already have a stipulated agreement, which was approved by California Superior Court. The woman is appealing to the father to adhere to the stipulations. She emphasized that it is not about the money but about accountability and the desire to provide the child with a stable life.

The point of child support is to maintain the best interests of the child. The monthly payments are an integral part of the child’s everyday life. An Orange County custodial parent having trouble with a non-paying parent may wish to consult with a family law attorney concerning possible legal remedies.

On the other side, a parent having trouble making payments because the person’s economic situation has changed may file for child support modification. This can give the person a better chance to successfully make payments without sacrificing the essential needs of the child.

Source: “Matthew Knowles’ baby mama Aleksandra Wright says he’s not cooperating,” Aug. 28, 2013

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