Be sure to use good practices when handling child custody issues


California law stipulates that your child’s best interests have to be the focal point of all decisions related to child custody. When you and your ex are working through the child custody mediation process, you have to think carefully about this point and others that the court considers important.

You should be careful about how you and your ex interact when your child is present. These interactions can have a big impact on your child. Don’t let your anger get the best of you. Instead, communicate in a professional and respectful manner. Try to avoid having to deal with any serious issues when you are tired, stressed or irritated.

When you are dealing with a specific custody issue with your ex, be sure to stay on that issue. Don’t let other issues crowd out what is truly important. Once the issue at hand is taken care of, you can move on to discussing other issues.

Be sure that you don’t use your child as a messenger. This can make it seem like your child is being pulled in two different directions. It can make it seem like you are trying to make the child pick a favorite parent.

If you have a child custody order but find that it isn’t working any longer, you and your ex might be able to come up with a new agreement. Child custody modifications are possible under some circumstances.

In all child custody cases, you must fully understand your rights and your responsibilities. Having this information can help you to feel better prepared and less stressed when you are going through the process.

Source: The Superior Court of California, County of Orange, “Child Custody,” accessed March 17, 2017

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