Be prepared to be positive while parenting


Parenting is a big responsibility. When you are doing this by yourself after a divorce, you might find that you are getting overwhelmed sometimes. This is perfectly understandable. In those times when the going gets tough, take the time to focus on remaining positive.

One thing that many people don’t fully realize is that being positive starts from within. You have to make the choice to remain positive. Don’t let anyone, not even your cranky ex who is trying to make your life difficult, take that from you. Choose to look on the bright side of the situation you are currently in.

Take a few moments to start a list of what you are thankful for. When you are focusing on these things, it is hard to remain upset or negative. Even small things like being happy that you have cereal for the kids to eat for breakfast might totally change your mood. It might even help you to write them down so that you can look back on these later.

Make sure that you are taking care of yourself. You should eat healthy foods and exercise. Make sure you get enough rest because being tired can make things seem worse than what they actually are. This can be tough when you have the kids, but carving out even a little time for yourself might be beneficial.

Your child custody agreement might also help you remain positive. Having everything outlined and in order is a big help when you are dealing with these matters. You might not be as stressed if you have a detailed custody order, which can certainly help your mood.

Source: Our Family Wizard, “3 Tips to Maintain a Positive Scope on Co-Parenting,” accessed April 05, 2018

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