Another means of payment for child support

Another means of payment for child support

Being a parent is a right as well as an obligation. All California parents are obligated to contribute to raising their children. Even divorced parents are required to support their children and to fulfill their needs. Child support is the payment by the non-custodial parent for his or her children. The supporting parent is required by law to financially help the custodial parent with the children’s expenses.

A custodial parent is the parent who raises the child and the court usually decides that arrangement. The custodial parent takes care of the child’s daily needs. A particular parent is chosen by the court because that parent is deemed the most fit to raise the child. When both parents share the custody of the child, the parent with the higher income provides child support.

Child support payments are collected and processed by a single organization, the State Disbursement Unit. Federal law requires the SDU to process 100 percent of child support payments that are handled at the local child support agencies.

The residents of Orange County, California, might have an interest in a trend in Nevada, particularly those parents who are having child custody issues. The Nevada Child Support Enforcement Program is now offering a new child support payment alternative. It is an easier way to pay child support payments. The program is a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week service.

Starting on March 4, 2013, payments may be made online and via telephone. The alternatives include a debit card, electronic check and other known electronic payment cards. Parents now have another option for paying child support, particularly parents who live abroad.

Payment of child support is not only a moral obligation of a parent but it is also a legal obligation and one that is enforced at the state level. Failure to pay child support may subject a person to legal consequences.

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