An attorney can help with your move-away petition

An attorney can help with your move-away petition

The relationship between a parent and child is a special one. For those parents who get to see their children every day, it is something that they should cherish because there are many parents who do not get to see their children as often as they want or even at all. The reason for them seeing their child less frequently may have to do with the type of custody they have, but it could also be because their child lives out of state with their other parent.

Before a parent can move away with their child, there are things that they must do so it is not considered kidnapping. When a parent plans to move away with their child, they must be given permission to do so by the other parent. Some parents may agree to this move and allow the custodial parent to move away with the child and work with them to find a visitation schedule that works for both parents and the child. However, in some cases, they do not agree with the custodial parent’s plan to move away. This will leave the custodial parent with one option; file a move-away petition and hope that the courts will approve it.

Depending on how the other parent of your child feels about you moving away with the child, the process of getting approved for this will not be an easy one. Since the parent must get the court’s permission if the move was not agreed upon by both parents, you never know what will happen. There is a chance that the courts will agree with the other parent and not allow the child to go with you to another city or state. This would be a good time to have an attorney by your side because they may be able to get the courts to see why it is important that your child moves with you.

It is not easy to deal with legal matters alone, especially when the outcome can affect your family. Whenever you have a family legal issue that needs to be addressed, you should consider speaking to an attorney who is knowledgeable in family law in your state. An attorney at the Law Offices of Dorie A. Rogers may be able to assist you.

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