A prenuptial agreement must protect both parties


A prenuptial agreement isn’t something that most people want to discuss before they get married. For some people, moving past this discomfort is necessary to help ensure they are protected if the marriage doesn’t work out. We understand that you might have a lot of questions that you need answered before you approach this subject with the person you are going to marry. We can help you get those answers so that you know what you are facing and how you need to handle the situation.

You can’t think of a prenuptial agreement as a bad thing. Even if you are the one who is being asked to sign one, you need to look at the terms and think about how the agreement can help you. One thing that must occur in a prenuptial agreement is that both parties must be protected. A one-sided prenuptial agreement is one that will likely be thrown out in court.

Another thing to remember about a prenuptial agreement is that it can make the divorce process faster and easier if it comes down to the marriage ending. When the prenup outlines who is going to get what, you can move through the property division process without having to figure it all out. In some ways, a prenuptial agreement is a road map that you need to have available but hope you never have to use.

We can help you evaluate your options for the prenuptial agreement. We can also help you determine how you might be able to present it to your betrothed. Making sure you are doing this in a lawful manner is crucial.

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