A postnuptial agreement can help clarify marital rights

A postnuptial agreement can help clarify marital rights

You have likely heard about all the advantages enjoyed by couples who take the time to craft a well thought out prenuptial agreement. Prenups can provide spouses with a better understanding of their marital rights and responsibilities. The terms of the agreement can also provide each party with a sense of security regarding a number of issues, including debt management and asset division in case of a divorce.

But sometimes a couple may pass on creating a prenuptial agreement only to later realize the true measure of their personal investments in the relationship. As time passes, a couple typically accrues property, such as a house, and assets, such as stocks and retirement accounts. At which point, the wisdom of having a prenuptial agreement becomes much more apparent.

If you are starting to regret not getting a prenuptial agreement, don’t worry; you can now get a postnuptial agreement. It is not unusual for people to feel uneasy when their ever-increasing wealth lacks a definitive, organized structure. That is to say, it can be very stressful if you don’t know what will happen to your shared assets if the marriage should falter or if one of you dies or becomes incapacitated.

By working together to address these and other issues, spouses can allay many of their fears about the future. You can start by sitting down together and discussing your primary concerns, which will help you build a mutual understanding of your expectations. And once you cover the basics, it can be very useful to get in touch with an experienced California family law attorney.

An attorney can help you craft a postnuptial agreement that is clear and concise in its wording, which will help ensure that it represents your true wishes. The attorney could also assess your situation and offer advice on items that you may have overlooked that may be important additions to your agreement.

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