A good parenting plan provides your child with needed structure

A good parenting plan provides your child with needed structure

Parents typically know how important stability is in their child’s life. Children need structure and consistency to feel secure. Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances can arise that upend the home life that a child has become accustomed to. And divorce is an extremely common reason for children having to cope with sudden life changes.

Even if a child grows up in a privileged environment, he or she will be affected by a divorce. Perhaps the child will have to move to a new neighborhood to live with the custodial parent. Or, it is quite likely the child will be splitting time with each parent, meaning he or she could effectively have two homes.

It can be a challenge to adjust to these new arrangements. But the transition can be made easier if other aspects of the child’s life are left intact. And an effective parenting plan can outline a custody schedule that accommodates a child’s needs. A good schedule takes into account a child’s schooling and activities as well as each parent’s ability to provide transportation and other forms of support.

At the Law Offices of Dorie Rogers, we understand how difficult it can be for children when their parents divorce. Because we are a family law firm, we have extensive experience helping parents create agreements that benefit all the parties involved. We are prepared to offer our clients advice and guidance as they figure out the best way to share their parenting duties. If you are looking to create a fair and sensible parenting plan, we would be very happy to discuss your needs.

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