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Adele files for divorce in Los Angeles

Less than six months after British singing sensation Adele and her husband Simon Konecki announced that they had separated, the 31-year-old has filed for divorce. She filed the petition here in Southern California, in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Missed the signs of the end of the marriage? You aren't alone

Not all adults recognize the signs that their marriage is heading for a divorce. The majority of couples who are divorcing note that their relationship was happy a year prior. One theory about this is that the decline of marriage was so slow that one party didn't see the signs that things were heading in the wrong direction. This brings up a question about what these parties might have done differently had they known.

The way you ask for a divorce will impact you in the future

There's nothing easy about asking your spouse for a divorce, as both you and your spouse will have a lot to say about your current situation and what the future will bring. There will be a lot of emotions on both sides, so it's important to prepare for this discussion.

How is the amount of spousal support determined in California?

If you plan to seek spousal support (alimony) in your divorce or your spouse is seeking it, that's obviously something that's on your mind. However, the amount of support generally isn't determined until after you've worked out the division of your assets.

Divorce numbers spike in summer

Summer means the kids are out of school and vacations are planned and taken. It can also be a time of added stress on a marriage. Anytime there is a significant change to your daily routine, it can result in additional stress.

Will separate bank accounts save my money in a divorce?

If you live in California or a handful of other states, you may believe that having separate bank accounts when you are married is a way to protect yourself during a divorce. This is not always the case and believing so could set you up to lose a lot of money during your divorce.

Consider options for the martial home during divorce

One of the biggest decisions you will have to make when you are going through a divorce is whether you want to fight for the marital home or not. While many people just assume that they will battle it out for that residence when the marriage ends, there are some instances in which you might not want to try to keep it.