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Man worth $120 million still owes $10 million in child support

A parent has an obligation to care for any child that he or she brings into this world. When a parent who is divorced neglects to honor a child support agreement, it is the child who suffers the most. It is also considered "contempt of court" for violating a child custody agreement that is mandated by a family court in California.

Child support agreement announced for Cruise, Holmes

People have been very interested in the details of the divorce settlement between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. The former couple created a media frenzy when Holmes filed for divorce earlier this year. After a very quick resolution, people were very curious as to the details of their settlement.

Jon and Kate Minus Child Support

Paying child support is not exactly something that parents love to do. However, many understand it is necessary for the wellbeing of their children. People all across California are struggling to make these payments, though. It can become difficult to stay up-to-date with child support, especially if a person is struggling with finding or keeping a job, but it is still important that these payments are made.

Terrell Owens falls behind on child support. Again.

A parent who repeatedly and consistently neglects to make child support payments only gets away with it for so long. Many times, a delinquent parent will ultimately face jail time for their negligence. While a punishment can be effective, it is the child who ends up suffering the most. Without proper child support payments from a non-custodial parent, a custodial parent may have difficulty making ends meet and a child may have to go without certain things.

Rapper agrees to higher payments after years of no child support

Developing a fair and appropriate arrangement when it comes to child support payments is something every divorcing parent strives for. It may not always feel like that, though, and in fact many parents end up unhappy with either the support they must pay or the support they receive. However, parents should keep in mind that when a significant change happens in a parent's life, there may be an opportunity to request a modification of a child support order in California.

Man owes child support for 24 children

Many California parents struggle with child support payments. Whether they are making payments or collecting them, it is never any fun to deal with all the issues that may be involved. However, those who are struggling may be relieved that they are not one man from Tennessee who owes child support for 24 children.

Report: Mothers increasingly ordered to pay child support

Many people may rely on tradition when it comes to determining child support and other payments that must be made in the event of a divorce. In the past, divorcing couples may have simply expected that the father would pay child support while the mother retained custody of the children. However, with traditional roles changing so much in the professional and family landscape, so too are the trends in how child support payments are determined.

More women may want to consider requesting a prenuptial agreement

Increasingly, women in California and other states are being ordered to pay alimony and child support after a marriage has ended. Because a prenuptial agreement may limit the amount of alimony paid after a divorce, women should seriously consider having one.

Wages were garnished, but child support payments were never made

People in Orange County who pay child support may already have enough to deal with. Making the payments in full and on time are very important aspects of the system. Some people have the child support taken directly out of their paychecks, which is referred to as garnishing wages. But even a person who has this money automatically subtracted from their paychecks may get into trouble for unpaid child support.

Are sperm donors responsible for paying child support?

In California, there is a statute that protects women who obtain sperm from a medical facility from the donor. The statute gives women the peace of mind that the donor will not be able to seek them out and file a paternity action for any child that may have resulted. Using this same statute, a California appeals court ruled that a sperm donor does not have to pay child support.