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Stevie Wonder divorcing wife of 11 years

Music fans across California were likely surprised to hear that legendary entertainer Stevie Wonder recently filed for divorce. However, the couple has reportedly been separated since 2009, and has been living separate lives. Wonder recently made the separation permanent and legal, though, when he cited irreconcilable differences in his divorce filing.

Jon and Kate Minus Child Support

Paying child support is not exactly something that parents love to do. However, many understand it is necessary for the wellbeing of their children. People all across California are struggling to make these payments, though. It can become difficult to stay up-to-date with child support, especially if a person is struggling with finding or keeping a job, but it is still important that these payments are made.

Finding a speedy resolution to child custody arrangements

One of the most difficult parts of a divorce likely has to do with determining an arrangement for child custody. In California, it is typically preferred that each parent play an active participating role in raising a child, but it is not uncommon for parents to dispute this arrangement out of anger or resentment towards each other. However, keeping a child's best interests in mind is the most important factor in child custody arrangements.

Terrell Owens falls behind on child support. Again.

A parent who repeatedly and consistently neglects to make child support payments only gets away with it for so long. Many times, a delinquent parent will ultimately face jail time for their negligence. While a punishment can be effective, it is the child who ends up suffering the most. Without proper child support payments from a non-custodial parent, a custodial parent may have difficulty making ends meet and a child may have to go without certain things.

What California couples can learn from celebrity divorces

There is a common misconception that only celebrity couples or extremely wealthy couples should have a prenuptial agreement. However, with more Californians getting married later or getting remarried, prenuptial agreements may be something that more people should consider.

Rapper agrees to higher payments after years of no child support

Developing a fair and appropriate arrangement when it comes to child support payments is something every divorcing parent strives for. It may not always feel like that, though, and in fact many parents end up unhappy with either the support they must pay or the support they receive. However, parents should keep in mind that when a significant change happens in a parent's life, there may be an opportunity to request a modification of a child support order in California.

Foul: When a parent violates a visitation agreement

It can be frustrating and upsetting when a parent violates the terms of a child support or child custody arrangement. From payment schedules to visitation hours, the guidelines of these agreements must be followed or a parent can face serious consequences. A California parent who violates a visitation agreement can face contempt charges among other penalties.

Kobe Bryant marriage on the rebound

When a couple files for divorce in California, there is a six-month waiting period between the time a person files and when the divorce is complete. This period of time is ultimately intended to make sure there is no possibility of reconciliation. In most cases, after the six months are over, an estranged couple completes their divorce. However, sometimes that period of time gives a couple the chance to rethink their decision to divorce and they must reassess their situation.

After a long separation, David Arquette files for divorce

The decision to divorce a spouse is never easy, and it is not something that happens overnight. Often, a divorce happens after all other solutions have been explored. A California couple may try counseling, relocation or separation before ultimately deciding that a marriage has run its course. Though never easy, divorces can go more smoothly when two people are committed to a peaceful resolution.

Did Mark Zuckerberg 'like' a prenuptial agreement?

Recently, people have been talking about whether or not Facebook has been a contributing factor to many divorces. In fact, our last post explored why a significant amount of divorces mention or directly involve a spouse's behavior on the social networking site. In spite of all that, the founder of the newly-public company just tied the knot with his college sweetheart. Many people are speculating whether or not the couple had a prenuptial agreement drawn up prior to the wedding.