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The politics of a California divorce

People across the country are looking forward to casting their vote tomorrow and finally seeing this election cycle come to an end. The months of debates, name calling, and public battles have many people anxious to put this contentious race behind them. Those going through a divorce in California may understand this feeling.

Could sharing housework lead to divorce?

A new study on work-life balance yielded some puzzling results. Although couples seem to be happier when housework is divided equally, research showed that couples divorce with greater frequency when they are splitting up the housework. The divorce rate was compared to households in which the wife did significantly more housework.

Study: Doubt, cold feet before the wedding may signal trouble

Many of us have heard that having cold feet before a wedding is normal and nothing to worry about. But for those people who have a real sense of uncertainty and doubt before getting married, there may be more to it than simply being nervousness.

California couples should consider prenuptial agreements

Couples in California about to launch their new lives together have many things to plan and arrange. For an increasing number of those contemplating wedded bliss, drafting a prenuptial agreement is high up on that list.

Report: Mothers increasingly ordered to pay child support

Many people may rely on tradition when it comes to determining child support and other payments that must be made in the event of a divorce. In the past, divorcing couples may have simply expected that the father would pay child support while the mother retained custody of the children. However, with traditional roles changing so much in the professional and family landscape, so too are the trends in how child support payments are determined.

Most separations lead to divorce

Although divorce may be more common these days, many California couples are opting to try out a separation first in many cases. Separations are quite common. In fact, some sources say that it is more common for a couple to go through a separation first than it is for couples to immediately divorce. This could mean that if you and your spouse are considering a separation, it may not hurt to be prepared for ending the relationship in a divorce.