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Stevie J's $1 million child support case

Music artists and celebrities typically live better than many other residents in Orange County, California. Despite this, many controversies still surround celebrities regarding missed child support payments. Such is the case for rapper Stevie J, who has been accused of failing to pay child support.

We can help with your child support issues

Raising a child nowadays can be expensive. The cost of child care is rapidly increasing, together with school expenses, health care and everyday expenses. Such financial needs are the worry of many two-income families in Orange County, California. The child support issue may be an even bigger problem with non-custodial parents.

We can assist you with changes that affect child support

Money is oftentimes a factor in family law conflicts and disputes. This also applies to child support issues in California. Child support is the amount of money that a parent or both parents should pay every month. It is often determined by a court and based upon California's child support formula and guidelines. Child support guidelines are subject to changes that impact the outcome of divorce cases and the welfare of the child.

Child support programs and enforcement in California

Child support has an important role in the life of children who live in California. It can help cover the child's living expenses, basic necessities, health care and other financial needs. However, there are certain instances where the non-custodial parent fails to pay child support. This is the right time for authorities to step in and help. California has a child support program to help collect payments from child support obligors. The program also assists parents in establishing paternity and enforces child support orders, helping many families and children obtain what they need.

Stevie J. owes $1.2 million in back child support

With the current economic status, health care costs and other expenditures, Orange County, California, readers may think that paying child support can be difficult. When it comes to celebrities and high-profile people, it would seem that complying with their child support obligation to their child would be easy. Unfortunately, that may not always be the case.

Beyonce's father criticized for denying child support

Here in Orange County, California, residents and attorneys are well aware of how important child support payments are in a child's life. The monthly payments not only cover the everyday expenses of the child but health care and educational expenses as well. Thus, delinquent payments or no payments can seriously compromise the future of a child.

California commemorates child support awareness month

Orange County, California, residents are aware of how significant child support is in the child's life. The payment not only helps with the everyday expenses of the child but it also funds educational and health care costs. To further underline its importance, the California Department of Child Support Services has decided to make the month of August Child Support Awareness Month.