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Using prenuptial agreements to mitigate future financial struggles

Disagreement over money is often considered the top reason for divorce. Thoughts of romance, a wedding and family are usually in the forefront of marriage, overshadowing the importance of communicating about finances. To mitigate future problems, couples in California may consider signing a prenuptial agreement. Though not always considered a romantic gesture, this agreement provides an understanding of each other's financial attitudes entering a marriage. And this understanding may help to lessen fights over finances after a couple ties the knot.

Financial mistakes regarding divorce in California

News that a spouse wants a divorce may come as a surprise and can take a social, emotional and legal toll on the other partner. Often, the financial impact of divorce is greatest for women. Experts have studied the mistakes women tend to make during marriage and divorce that may result in unfavorable financial situations post-divorce.

Staying accountable in a California divorce

We often discuss the emotional toll that a divorce can take on people. Whether a couple ends a marriage bitterly or amicably, dealing with the emotional effects of a divorce can be difficult for everyone. However, it is important not to lose sight of the facts and finances of a divorce. Even though it can be challenging, taking control of finances after a California divorce can help a person regain his or her individuality and move forward.

Getting divorced? Take steps to secure your financial future

When going through a divorce, many important decisions must be made quickly. Sorting out living arrangements, child custody matters and who gets to keep the family dog are all difficult and emotionally-charged decisions that must be agreed upon. Unfortunately, many couples get bogged down in the emotional turmoil of divorce and often fail to realize the important impact of making key financial decisions quickly.