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Posts tagged "family legal issues"

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New California law protects victims of abuse from retaliation

Domestic violence is a family law concern in Orange County, California. It is different from child custody, child support and other family legal issues. However, the potential impact of domestic abuse to the victim, children and other family members may be enough to prevent domestic violence. In contrast, there is one issue that often affects the victim's decision to seek help. Based on a recent study by the Legal Aid Society's Employment Law Center, almost 40 percent of domestic violence victims in California are afraid of losing their job because of domestic violence.

Glee star Jane Lynch's former partner asks for alimony

There is no discounting the fact that Glee actress Jane Lynch is not only popular here in Orange County, but in the rest of the world as well. Known for her portrayal of feisty Sue Sylvester in the hit television series, Lynch has made waves both in her performance on screen and with her advocacy for social issues off screen.

Child custody issues affect children more than parents realize

Children of parents undergoing divorce face big adjustments with new living arrangements, often moving from one house to another whether they like it or not. When custody issues are finalized, children - especially teenagers - often do not feel good about their weekend experiences of going back and forth between homes, or even between different parts of a huge state like California.

Sperm donation may lead to family law issues in California

Family law issues often can become complex, especially if a child is concerned. Family law concerns may be even more complicated in nontraditional families, especially those that arise from modern forms of technology.