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Posts tagged "extramarital relationships"

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Suspicious spouses turning 'I do' into 'I spy'

In the period of time leading up to a divorce, a spouse may become suspicious and determined to prove a spouse's infidelity or betrayal. Many soon-to-be divorced people may go to extreme, and sometimes illegal, lengths to spy on a spouse in order to uncover any suspicious behavior to use against him or her in court. However, this behavior is turning family law concerns into a so-called arms race.

Divorced woman gets very real with real estate sign

When a spouse has an affair, there may be no way to recover from the damage that has been done. Some couples will try counseling or therapy, and others may just try to move on and hope it never happens again. But ultimately, spouses may discover that it is impossible to repair the marriage when a spouse has been unfaithful, and divorce may be the only solution.

Status update: Is Facebook causing more divorces?

Many people agree that one of the most important changes that are announced on Facebook is specific to a person's relationship status. Changing from a status of "single" to "married" welcomes many likes and positive comments. However, changing a status from "married" to "divorced" can be surprisingly emotional and difficult for some California couples. But could Facebook be more than just a place to announce a relationship change? Could it actually be the reason for the dissolution of a marriage?