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Posts tagged "delinquent payments"

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Stevie J's $1 million child support case

Music artists and celebrities typically live better than many other residents in Orange County, California. Despite this, many controversies still surround celebrities regarding missed child support payments. Such is the case for rapper Stevie J, who has been accused of failing to pay child support.

Michael Jordan faces another child support lawsuit

Although he's retired, there is no doubt that Michael Jordan is still very popular and everywhere he goes, people want to interact with him. Many people, including Orange County residents, still follow the basketball icon's exploits. Jordan, who married earlier this year, is the spotlight once again.

Beyonce's father criticized for denying child support

Here in Orange County, California, residents and attorneys are well aware of how important child support payments are in a child's life. The monthly payments not only cover the everyday expenses of the child but health care and educational expenses as well. Thus, delinquent payments or no payments can seriously compromise the future of a child.