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Posts tagged "child support payment"

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Is there a permanent child support provision in California?

Traditionally, child support ends once the child being supported reaches maturity. In fact, this is the belief that runs in most states in the United States. In Orange County, California, it is believed that child support payments end when the child turns 18.

Another means of payment for child support

Being a parent is a right as well as an obligation. All California parents are obligated to contribute to raising their children. Even divorced parents are required to support their children and to fulfill their needs. Child support is the payment by the non-custodial parent for his or her children. The supporting parent is required by law to financially help the custodial parent with the children's expenses.

Insights into Orange County child support

There are a lot of issues covered under California family law. One of the most common issues is determining a child support payment. Some parents in California are paying child support, while the custodial parent uses the support for the everyday expenses of the children.