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Help your children adjust to life after your divorce

The child custody aspect of divorce is likely one that causes you a lot of stress. You know that you need to do what's best for your children, but your ex might not agree with you on what that entails. Because of differences in parenting styles, there is a chance that your children will have to learn how to adjust to living in two very different environments.

Sharing the news of the divorce with your teens

Divorce is rough on children at any age. Some people believe that teens can handle it better since they have a better understanding about what's going on, but this single factor might make it difficult for them to accept. If you are planning on a divorce, you should set a plan for telling the teenagers in your home.

Model relationship behavior for your teen

Finding ways to improve your child's life after your divorce can be a stressful experience. When you have a teen, one challenge that you are going to face is that you are under a microscope. Even though it might not seem like it, the teen is watching you to see how you react to various things in your divorce.

Why divorce can increase sibling rivalry

Sibling rivalry is normal. All brothers and sisters experience some level of conflict. To some degree, it's even healthy because it teaches children to resolve issues, work out their differences and share. If it becomes emotionally or physically destructive, however, it can have serious long-term ramifications.

Co-parenting transitions won't always be easy

Embarking on a co-parenting relationship is a huge adjustment from living the married life. Some people have problems making that change from being in a romantic relationship to simply coming together to parent their children. When you aren't married any longer and live in separate homes, there are a few things that you can do to make the situation better for everyone involved.

Tips for dealing with child custody and a new school year

Now that the school year is here, it is time for parents to evaluate the way that they have things set up for their child's education. One thing that must be established is how both parents are going to remain involved in the child's educational life. Children tend to do better when they know that both parents are supporting them.

Changing your parenting plan as your child grows up

If you and your spouse divorce when your child is very young, the parenting plan you agree on will almost certainly need to be modified as they get older. Precisely when those changes need to be made will depend on your child's needs, and to some degree, their wishes.

Parent-child relationships shouldn't suffer because of a divorce

When your children are suddenly forced to live between two homes because of a divorce, they are likely going to grow closer to the parent they are with most of the time. This can leave the relationship with the other child lacking in some of the same elements that are present in the one with the custodial parent. It is up to both parents to try to rectify the situation.

Don't let anger overwhelm you in child custody matters

It can be difficult to think about having to communicate with an ex for years while you raise children together. Coming to terms with this reality might help you to see that you can work as a team to help the kids thrive. As you do this, you must ensure that you don't allow your ex or situations to trigger your anger. Being able to stay even keel can greatly benefit the situation.

Practicing patience can diffuse contentious co-parenting matters

Trying to make your child custody arrangements work after you go through a divorce can be challenging. You have to figure out which arrangements will work best for your family and how they will impact your children. One attribute that must be present when co-parenting your child is patience. There are going to be some frustrating times ahead as you adjust to parenting your child across two homes.