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Alleged Orange County molester may lose his child custody

Courts must uphold the law, justly and fairly. They must always consider the best interests of the child when ruling on a child custody dispute. Courts in Orange County, California are no different and must make sure to determine that both parents provide a healthy environment and secure the child's well-being.

Unreported income impacts child support amount in California

Readers in Orange County, California, may understand why people divorce. Divorce allows both parties to move on with their separate lives. The divorce process is more complicated, however, than simply moving out from the couple's home. Typically, divorcing couples will attempt to make a settlement agreement where both parties aim to reach a fair resolution. Unfortunately, conflicts may arise while establishing the settlement, particularly when it comes to full disclosure of assets, child support and custody, property and income. Dishonesty about finances may not only ruin the fair division between the spouses, but also may get in the way of necessary child support payments.

Prenup keeps Bethenny Frankel's company assets safe in divorce

For any couple going through a divorce, working out the details of spousal support and property division can be incredibly heated. There is often so much emotional stake in property and sorting through the assets can often cause further strife during the divorce proceedings. California residents who know of Bethenny Frankel may be interested to learn that some of her own assets acquired through her business ventures have recently been reported to be protected in her divorce thanks to a prenuptial agreement.