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Providing alternatives for your child custody case

Parenting a child is an everyday challenge in California. Parents need to ensure that they are meeting the needs of their child, both emotionally and financially. These requirements become more challenging if the child's parents decide to go separate ways. Under these circumstances, child custody is usually the most complicated part of a divorce.

Digging deeper into visitation issues in California

Visitation rights are a common issue when a family is going through a divorce. Parents are required to resolve the issue of child custody. In California, visitation is an issue that is always worked out during the child custody process. The court uses many different visitation schedules to find the one most suitable to an individual child custody situation.

How does domestic violence affect child custody in California?

As in any other state, any history of violence in a relationship in California, regardless of the marital status of parents, is very likely to affect custody decisions made by the courts. This determination is within the primary consideration of all courts governing child custody and the mandate that a child's well-being is first and foremost when identifying whether parents are fit and capable. However, this does not mean that a parent who has a history of domestic violence would not be able to visit his or her child or be involved in the child's life.

Is a nasty child custody battle worth it after divorce?

Most divorcing parents would fight to the bitter end for their rights when it comes to living with their children, and divorce can put their parental rights at stake. In California, child custody is the legal process that determines each parent's rights and responsibilities to their children after divorce. Child custody also includes the custody agreement that indicates visitation rights and arrangements for the non-custodial parent.

How courts determine child custody and visitation rights

Many California parents become understandably anxious if they cannot spend time with their children whenever they want. Unfortunately, this is often the case when parents divorce. The noncustodial parent often has only limited visitation rights because at some point a judge determined that the other parent should be responsible for the child on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, not all child custody issues are always clear-cut.

Making the most of holidays as a California co-parent

For most California families, the holiday season is something to look forward to. Some, however, may feel less cheer, particularly those in which parents have gotten recently divorced. In these cases, previous years of gift giving and enjoying a holiday dinner have now been replaced with car trips in which children are shuttled back and forth between separate houses.

Parent's behavior may persuade co-parenting decisions in divorce

One of the most difficult parts of getting a divorce in California is determining child custody and making agreed-upon visitation arrangements. Ideally, the final child-custody framework clearly identifies each parent's rights and responsibilities and includes visitation rights, stipulated parenting times and other agreements about children's well-being.

Increasing the odds of winning child custody

Orange County couples who are going through a divorce know that the process can be difficult and emotionally draining. But, divorce is even more challenging for children who face the possibility of living without one parent on a day-to-day basis. This is why child custody decisions are among the most difficult made in a divorce and why divorcing couples should be well informed when it comes to their custody rights.

Child custody and other "fighting terms" encountered in a divorce

Words greatly influence human behavior. Kind words can soothe an individual in distress and demonstrate compassion. Insults, on the other hand, can invoke anger and hostility. Taken in the context of family law, there are some words that evoke a negative reaction and among them are divorce, visitation and child custody.