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Don't let technology set you back during divorce

Many Californians find technology indispensable in their daily lives, using it in communication and connections and for information and entertainment. The digital age offers us convenience and instantaneous connection through Smartphones, iPads, laptops and digital apps. This accessibility may sound good but it may also have its own disadvantages when it comes to divorce and family law.

Divorce worries can interfere with work

The stress and worry of going through a divorce in California can make a working career much more difficult. If not handled properly, the complications and challenges of a divorce can lead to distraction, making more mistakes at work, reduced productivity and even more tardiness and absences.

Taking care of the children in a California divorce

While most parents are struggling to deal with the emotional, logistical and financial toll that a divorce can take them, it is important to remember that children often deal with their own difficulties. When parents get divorced, children can experience a wide range of complex, and often confusing, adjustments and emotions. During discussions about child custody, it is important to remember that the main goal of these arrangements is to take care of the children.

Child support in California can be about more than money

Parents going through a divorce typically have several emotions and difficult decisions to deal with as they separate. However, the most important issue in a divorce is the wellbeing of the children involved. Being a good parent doesn't end when a marriage ends. Even though there may be child support ordered, there can be much more that a parent can do to support the health and happiness of a child.

Staying accountable in a California divorce

We often discuss the emotional toll that a divorce can take on people. Whether a couple ends a marriage bitterly or amicably, dealing with the emotional effects of a divorce can be difficult for everyone. However, it is important not to lose sight of the facts and finances of a divorce. Even though it can be challenging, taking control of finances after a California divorce can help a person regain his or her individuality and move forward.

Tips for divorced parents as kids go back to school

Several parents throughout California have gone through a divorce during the summer. Now, with back-to-school time underway for many families, children and their parents are struggling to come to terms with a new family structure. Although this time may seem difficult for both parents and their kids, several tips have been provided by experts to ease the transition back to school.

7 divorce customs that can help spouses post-split

Men and women across California who are going through a divorce or separation are likely experiencing several emotions. Anxiety, guilt, anger and disappointment may be among those emotions. No matter the family law issues that people face, the reality is that the emotional toll they can take on people can be very difficult.

Finding a speedy resolution to child custody arrangements

One of the most difficult parts of a divorce likely has to do with determining an arrangement for child custody. In California, it is typically preferred that each parent play an active participating role in raising a child, but it is not uncommon for parents to dispute this arrangement out of anger or resentment towards each other. However, keeping a child's best interests in mind is the most important factor in child custody arrangements.

Making the case for child custody in California

Determining custody of a child in a divorce is often the most emotional and challenging part for parents. In California, most judges encourage parents to come up with their own schedules and agreements, rather than heading to court for a judge to establish child custody. When parents cannot come to an agreement, however, judges must take several factors into account in determining what is in the child's best interest.

What you can do to prepare for divorce in California

In about half of the marriages in the country, the time comes when one or both spouses start thinking about getting a divorce. Often, there are signs that a marriage may have run its course. When a person believes that his or her marriage is headed for dissolution, there are some steps that can be taken right away to ensure that a person is protected in a divorce.