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Supreme Court ruling needed in same-sex marriage dispute

The debate in this country over same-sex marriage has ended up in the nation's highest court. The case before the U.S. Supreme Court challenges Californians' right to amend their state constitution to exclude same-sex marriages. The Supreme Court's decision whether to uphold or deny that right would have a nationwide impact on family law.

Debate regarding a family law issue erupts in Supreme Court

The legal system is created for the purpose of maintaining order and protection against wrongdoers. This is also applied to the family-the backbone of society. In modern times, new laws are written to fit the issues of society. There are several improvements to the law that address family law concerns. Every state in the United States has experienced the introduction of new laws and amendments to existing laws. California is no exception. Orange County, California residents may benefit from these family law changes.

The more the merrier: California bill would modernize families

As California parents no doubt realize, the roles of a mother and father these days are very different than they used to be. These days, parents are more dynamic and there are more family law issues to deal with. There are many divorces and second marriages. Additionally, now that states are beginning to recognize same-sex marriages, children likely have a number of parental figures in their lives. Legally, however, California currently limits the number of parents a child is granted to two.

Same-sex couples and prenuptial agreements

Couples choosing to get married have a lot of decisions to make. While decisions like where to have the wedding and what items to register for seem important, another more important and often overlooked priority should be a prenuptial agreement.