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Lessons on dating again after a divorce

Orange County residents understand the simple truth that breaking up a relationship hurts. Divorce is likely to be a stressful time with difficult issues to resolve. However, for many, working through the legal and personal challenges of a divorce can lead to a new beginning, a fresh start and the opening of new possibilities.

Family law issues to consider when remarrying

Divorce is painful; however, it may be better than staying in an unhappy marriage. Orange County residents who have been through a divorce may grapple with perfectly normal feelings of loneliness and seek a new partner with whom to make a fresh start. Having been married once already, remarrying may seem like a less monumental decision than it was the first time. However, statistics suggest that one may actually want to give marriage and the associated family law concerns even more thought and consideration the second time around.

Getting remarried? Consider a prenuptial agreement

If you are about to get married for the second or third time, you are certainly not alone. Recent reports suggest that nearly 43 percent of marriages these days involve a bride or groom who have been married before. And, if you are among these couples, you may have learned a few lessons from a first marriage. One of the issues that many remarried spouses in California should consider before saying "I do" again is having a prenuptial agreement in place.