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Lawmakers re-introduce family law bill supporting gay adoptions

The changing opinion on same-sex marriage is gaining momentum. Despite the lack of federal laws that govern it, fervent debates are ongoing with some states finally agreeing to provide for equality and recognition of homosexual partnerships.

Online tools take the sting out of co-parenting with ex-spouses

California families may be familiar with child custody issues, which can be one of the main concerns of people who are going through a divorce. Custody affects the parental rights of people and also influences how they can raise their children effectively by means of co-parenting and visitation arrangements. Though child custody is categorized in different ways, decisions should be made in the best interests of the child.

Taking care of the children in a California divorce

While most parents are struggling to deal with the emotional, logistical and financial toll that a divorce can take them, it is important to remember that children often deal with their own difficulties. When parents get divorced, children can experience a wide range of complex, and often confusing, adjustments and emotions. During discussions about child custody, it is important to remember that the main goal of these arrangements is to take care of the children.

Child support in California can be about more than money

Parents going through a divorce typically have several emotions and difficult decisions to deal with as they separate. However, the most important issue in a divorce is the wellbeing of the children involved. Being a good parent doesn't end when a marriage ends. Even though there may be child support ordered, there can be much more that a parent can do to support the health and happiness of a child.

Tips for divorced parents as kids go back to school

Several parents throughout California have gone through a divorce during the summer. Now, with back-to-school time underway for many families, children and their parents are struggling to come to terms with a new family structure. Although this time may seem difficult for both parents and their kids, several tips have been provided by experts to ease the transition back to school.

'Toddlers and Tiaras' appearance spurs child custody dispute

The parents of a five-year-old girl were divorced years ago. As part of their divorce settlement agreement, the girl's mother was granted primary child custody. Since then, however, the appropriateness of the mother's parenting has come into question -- not just by the girl's father, but also by many others as a result of the TV reality show "Toddlers and Tiaras."

Reality show prompts a request to change child custody

Turn on the TV and you are likely to find a reality show about celebrities or average parents. In many cases, the average parent becomes a celebrity from the exposure. This spotlight can be too much for some families to deal with. It can also highlight a person's negative behavior or parenting skills. If a child is suffering because of the choices of a parent, on camera or off, then the child custody arrangement may be reevaluated.

The more the merrier: California bill would modernize families

As California parents no doubt realize, the roles of a mother and father these days are very different than they used to be. These days, parents are more dynamic and there are more family law issues to deal with. There are many divorces and second marriages. Additionally, now that states are beginning to recognize same-sex marriages, children likely have a number of parental figures in their lives. Legally, however, California currently limits the number of parents a child is granted to two.

Kinship caregivers need more support, resources

Increasingly, children in the United States are living in households with caregivers other than their parents. In cases when a child lives with grandparents, other relatives or close friends, those caregivers are referred to as kinship caregivers. Whether they are established formally or informally, this arrangement has increased by 18 percent between the years 2000 and 2010. A report by the Casey Foundation was recently released and brings up several family law concerns that should be addressed in these unique situations.

Report: Mothers increasingly ordered to pay child support

Many people may rely on tradition when it comes to determining child support and other payments that must be made in the event of a divorce. In the past, divorcing couples may have simply expected that the father would pay child support while the mother retained custody of the children. However, with traditional roles changing so much in the professional and family landscape, so too are the trends in how child support payments are determined.