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What gross income means in child support modification requests

When parents divorce and one is ordered by a California court to pay support for their children, he or she may feel economically overwhelmed. Sometimes, though, supporting parents may decide to avoid paying in whole or in part even though they have the means.

We can help with your child support issues

Raising a child nowadays can be expensive. The cost of child care is rapidly increasing, together with school expenses, health care and everyday expenses. Such financial needs are the worry of many two-income families in Orange County, California. The child support issue may be an even bigger problem with non-custodial parents.

We can assist you with changes that affect child support

Money is oftentimes a factor in family law conflicts and disputes. This also applies to child support issues in California. Child support is the amount of money that a parent or both parents should pay every month. It is often determined by a court and based upon California's child support formula and guidelines. Child support guidelines are subject to changes that impact the outcome of divorce cases and the welfare of the child.

Implications of child support modification can be serious

California is a progressive state when it comes to child support issues. Child support modification can be obtained by petitioning family court and is usually obtained by a custodial parent whenever necessary and can include an increase in child support, a decrease in the amount or elimination of existing child support.

Both men and women can be ordered to pay child support

Most California residents who talk about child support probably are thinking of fathers paying support to former spouses or partners. As the decades have gone by, however, the roles of both mothers and fathers have become less rigid. Nowadays, many women are the breadwinners in their families, and many fathers have become stay-at-home parents tasked with caring for children.

Child support and the "deadbeat" parent misconception

Many custodial parents in Orange County, California, rely on child support from their ex-spouse to take care of their children's needs. There are instances, though, when noncustodial parents, for some reason, cannot provide the monthly support for their children.

Court rejects increased child support for Jon Cryer's ex-wife

While the television series "Two and a Half Men" takes divorce lightly, many divorced and divorcing parents in Orange County, California, know that settling divorce issues concerning their child can be complicated. In a recent turn of events, one of the show's stars, Jon Cryer, won a decision against his ex-wife who had filed for more child support.

Mother of Ludacris's daughter asks for more child support

After the birth of his new daughter, rapper and actor Christopher Bridges, better known to fans as Ludacris, is attempting to have a cap of $1,700 put on his alimony payments. However, in a lawsuit, the baby's mother contends that he should pay more than that, claiming that he spends more money on his lawn and pets. In addition, she wants him to pay her legal fees so that she can secure the services of a good lawyer.

Rap artist can now perform abroad after paying child support debt

Many Orange County, California, residents may wonder why some celebrities face unpaid bills, despite their high-income in the entertainment industry. For example, child support is a liability that some celebrities seem to have a difficult time managing. Whatever the reasons, every parent should be responsible and provide child support payments on time for the benefit of their children. In addition, the obligor will likely want to avoid the potential penalties for failure to pay child support.

Resolving child support issues through a mobile application

From communication to entertainment to information, technology has its own way of dominating the lives of American families, particularly those in Orange County, California. In a recent mobile application by Ittavi, it seems that technology is also finding a way to resolve family law issues, such as child support.