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How can you protect yourself from your spouse-to-be's debt?

One of the many reasons why prenuptial agreements are a good idea for couples preparing to get married is that the process of drafting one encourages them to be open and transparent about their financial status. Some experts even recommend that couples share their credit reports with each other.

Ensure your prenuptial agreement is enforceable and valid

If you and your future spouse are going to sign a prenuptial agreement, you must handle the situation properly so that it isn't considered invalid. While most prenups are not an issue when a couple divorces, some agreements may contain clauses that make them impossible to enforce.

Tips for discussing prenuptial agreements with your future spouse

Discussing a prenuptial agreement isn't something that many people think about when they become engaged. They might think that this is only appropriate for those who have significant financial worth. Unfortunately, that mode of thinking can mean that you don't have the protections that you need once you say, "I do."

Money problems and marriage: Can a prenup help?

Elizabeth Holmes recently married the owner of Evans Hotels in a secret ceremony. Some wonder if the marriage was an attempt for Holmes to gain access to money for her legal fees. Holmes is currently facing fraud charges in relation to Theranos, a blood-testing company.

A prenup provides inheritance and business protections

Prenuptial agreements are one document that is often misunderstood. Some people think that they don't need one if they don't have a lot of money. The fact of the matter here is that everyone can benefit from having a prenuptial agreement in place before they get married. You have to try to think ahead when you are trying to determine whether you need one or not.

What will invalidate my California prenuptial agreement?

If you ask most Americans, they'll tell you that they don't feel that they're rich enough to necessitate having a prenuptial agreement. We live in an era in which so many marriages end in divorce though. It's more important than ever for spouses to protect anything that they do have. It's important that your prenup is properly executed if you expect a family law judge in Orange to uphold it as valid in the future.

Start talking about a prenup long before the wedding

A prenuptial agreement is one that you enter into before you get married. It is meant to protect both spouses in the event the marriage doesn't work out. All of the terms of the agreement need to take both parties into consideration because it can't favor one person over the other. It is possible for the court to throw a prenup out if it does overly favor one person.

Know the ins and outs of a prenuptial agreement

A prenuptial agreement can protect you and your soon-to-be spouse by laying out the financial terms of the marriage. While many people think that this is only necessary for wealthy individuals, there are many cases that might require you to have one of these agreements in place. We know that you might not feel excited about having to ask for one, but once you find out how they can protect both parties, you might be more willing to bring it up.