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How do we make shared custody successful?

Shared custody is an arrangement that many parents are able to make work. It might take time to get into a rhythm that is best for all involved, but it's important to put as much effort and energy into this arrangement as possible. When you are fighting for custody with the other parent, try to suggest shared custody. So, how can you make shared custody successful?

Open communication key to family success after divorce

If you took note of your children's reactions when they learned of your impending divorce, you may have noticed that each child handled it a bit differently from the other. Perhaps you have a child who tends to become more introverted when he or she feels sad or disappointed. Another child might be the exact opposite, perhaps even becoming belligerent at times or rebellious.

What can I use virtual visitation for in California?

Going through a custody battle in California is never easy, even if you and the other parent have a decent relationship. No one wants to relinquish the custody of their children. It's a difficult situation that can become even more challenging when issues crop up during the process of drafting an agreement. So, what can you use virtual visitation for?

How do I explain adoption to my child?

If you have children who are adopted or you are planning to adopt a child, you likely feel some stress about how you will explain this to your children one day. Telling children that they were adopted is never easy. You don't know how they will react. It's also difficult to tell your children that you plan to adopt a child who will become their sibling. Here are some tips for talking to children about adoption.

Tips for smooth co-parenting this summer

Your children are likely nearing the end of their 2017-2018 California school year. Soon, summer break will be upon you. If this year will be the first summer your family has had since your divorce, you may encounter some co-parenting challenges along the way.

Does your client want to file a post-divorce appeal?

At some point in the divorce trial, you may have sensed things were not going well. Perhaps the judge took an immediate disliking to your client or overruled critical objections. As the case progresses, you may have concerns about the client's right to appeal a decision. In fact, if your client has already expressed the desire to file an appeal, you may be directing your energy into handling the rest of the trial with an appeal in mind, including making appropriate objections as the case proceeds.

Tips for navigating your taxes following a divorce

When a marriage ends in divorce, there's likely to be a lot of confusion, worry and stress on the part of one of the spouses. This is due to the fact that the other spouse probably handled all of the finances, including the annual tax returns filed with the state of California and the federal government. This can be overwhelming for someone to pick up and learn on a short notice, so here are some tips for dealing with taxes in a divorce.

Family law cases can be very emotional

Family law cases of all sorts are challenging to deal with when you are thrust into them, especially if the situation wasn't something that you knew about. One of the most common cases that's like this is a divorce or even a nonmarriage dissolving. We know that when you are going through this type of issue, it is easy to let your emotions rule.

Not married? Your relationship can still have recognition

There are many couples in California who choose not to move forward with marriage even though they are in a committed relationship. If you choose to remain unmarried, there may still be some benefits in choosing to seek legal recognition of your relationship through a domestic partnership agreement.