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Grandparents can play an important role during divorce

As a divorcing parent, you may have conflicted feelings about what role your kids' grandparents should play in their lives during this time. That's likely true when it comes to your soon-to-be-former in-laws. However, grandparents can be an important source of comfort and stability to kids whose parents are splitting up.

Most divorces don't go through a trial

One of the most difficult things to do when you decide to divorce a spouse is to figure out what resolution method is going to work for your situation. You have two primary options – go through mediation or take the case to court. Both options are ideal for specific cases, so look into both.

Have you included Halloween in your parenting plan?

You've just gotten the kids back into their school routine, and now Halloween candy and decorations are taking over the store shelves. If Halloween wasn't among the holidays you and your co-parent included in your parenting plan, you're not alone. Many divorcing parents only address who will have the kids on the "big" holidays.

Your role as a grandparent during your child's divorce

If you've got an adult child who's going through a divorce, you're likely experiencing your fair share of emotions about it. If you have grandchildren, you're probably concerned for their well-being. It can be difficult to know what your role should be during this time.

Plan for bringing an older child home during adoption

Adopting a child is a beautiful way to add another member to your family. Even though you are probably uber-excited to do this, you should remember that there are going to be some adjustments that will occur during the transition. For children who are adopted as infants, the transition isn't likely going to be an issue because they don't know any other family. When you adopt a child who is a toddler or older, everyone is going to be making these adjustments.

When can I request a modification of spousal support?

Many couples in Orange assume that their spousal support order is final once the California judge signs off on it, but this isn't true though. If there is a significant change in circumstances since it was reviewed by them, then it's possible for a partner or spouse to request a modification. There are various reasons that someone may request for a spousal support order to be changed or ended.

Help adopted children work through your divorce

Adoption is a beautiful way to add a new member to your family and show a child what it is like to be in a loving family. When you make the decision to adopt, you are agreeing to take care of the child for the rest of their life. If you and your spouse determine that the marriage isn't working out, you will have to come to a custody agreement about your children, including any you've adopted.

Avoiding summer break arguments with your co-parent

It's hard to believe another school year is almost at its end. Like most California parents, when you look back on the past year, you may notice that your children have done a lot of growing in many ways. Perhaps one joined a sports team or earned honors on his or her report card. Maybe one of your children is a struggling learner and you noticed great effort on his or her part to try to overcome those challenges. If you recently divorced, this may prompt challenges, as well.