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Things to know regarding the family law appeals process

When you got divorced, you were hopeful that you could put the past behind you and move on with your kids to a new lifestyle. You quickly realized things wouldn't be going so smoothly when your ex announced that he or she wanted to change the existing custody arrangement. You weren't overly concerned about it at the time, although you may have been somewhat annoyed.

Intriguing facts about divorce in America

To understand divorce in the United States, it's important to take a look at some of the more interesting facts and statistics that have been compiled over the years. These can help you see why divorce tends to happen, what the odds are that it will happen to you and more. This understanding can then help you plan for your divorce and how to move forward with your life.

Tips for low-stress, post-divorce holidays

If you ask parents what they love most about the holidays, many will likely say they enjoy spending some down time with their children. You might be among those who also say that even though they love the holidays, it tends to be a stressful, busy time of year. If you recently divorced, this holiday season may challenge you in more ways than one; after all, you and your kids will be adapting to your new routines.

Can divorce be a positive for the kids?

People often act like divorce can only be a negative for children, and they talk about ways that parents can reduce this impact. While it is important to think of the children's best interests and to understand the potential ramifications for them, you should know that divorce is not always a negative. It can also have a very positive impact on a child's life.

4 ways a separation can be the same as a divorce

Often, a separation comes before a divorce. Couples may wish to make this a legal separation, which means they sit down and figure out their legal rights and responsibilities while living apart. They are still married, but the separation can in many ways be like a divorce.

Hiding assets: Divorce is even tougher if a spouse is doing this

Divorce would be a lot easier if all spouses could cooperate and compromise to achieve swift and fair settlements. In reality, things often do not happen like that. In fact, spouses get pretty nasty sometimes, perhaps trying to hide assets or otherwise give an ex the short end of the settlement stick.

Tips to cope with an unwanted divorce

Some people go through a divorce that is unwanted. When you are in this situation, you might find that it is hard to cope with the situation. You might not know how to move on with your life. There are several things that you should do to help you out with this.

Healing after divorce takes time. Here are some things to consider "letting go."

Have you ever experienced a time in your life when something or someone was holding up your own progress or success? Perhaps, after realizing this, you decided it was best to end a friendship or to part with whatever it was that was causing you to lose focus on your ultimate goals. People who are going through divorce may be able to relate to these issues.

Are you up against a divorce bully?

Your spouse has never really acted aggressively toward you before, but that all changed when you filed for divorce. Now your spouse has been bullying you and trying to take control of the divorce, twisting the process to their own advantage.