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Help your children adjust to life after your divorce

The child custody aspect of divorce is likely one that causes you a lot of stress. You know that you need to do what's best for your children, but your ex might not agree with you on what that entails. Because of differences in parenting styles, there is a chance that your children will have to learn how to adjust to living in two very different environments.

How can you protect yourself from your spouse-to-be's debt?

One of the many reasons why prenuptial agreements are a good idea for couples preparing to get married is that the process of drafting one encourages them to be open and transparent about their financial status. Some experts even recommend that couples share their credit reports with each other.

Sharing the news of the divorce with your teens

Divorce is rough on children at any age. Some people believe that teens can handle it better since they have a better understanding about what's going on, but this single factor might make it difficult for them to accept. If you are planning on a divorce, you should set a plan for telling the teenagers in your home.