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Missed the signs of the end of the marriage? You aren't alone

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Not all adults recognize the signs that their marriage is heading for a divorce. The majority of couples who are divorcing note that their relationship was happy a year prior. One theory about this is that the decline of marriage was so slow that one party didn't see the signs that things were heading in the wrong direction. This brings up a question about what these parties might have done differently had they known.

When one spouse surprises the other with a divorce petition, the person who receives it might be shocked. They might wonder how they missed the signs. They will probably start to think back to try to figure out when things started to go wrong. Unfortunately, they might not be able to pinpoint it because many people going through a divorce note that they weren't fighting or arguing just before the split.

If you didn't see the divorce coming, there might be a good reason. One spouse checked out of the marriage. Even though they were there physically, they weren't there physically and mentally. They didn't have enough care about the relationship to try to hold it together. They didn't even have the energy to put toward disagreements.

As sad of a situation as this is, accepting the divorce might be your best option. Nobody deserves to be in a loveless marriage, so think carefully about what the home might truly be like if you save the marriage. You may realize that moving on is the best thing for you. Once you come to this realization, you can start to focus on getting the settlement you deserve and improving yourself.

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