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Co-parenting transitions won't always be easy

Embarking on a co-parenting relationship is a huge adjustment from living the married life. Some people have problems making that change from being in a romantic relationship to simply coming together to parent their children. When you aren't married any longer and live in separate homes, there are a few things that you can do to make the situation better for everyone involved.

Have you included Halloween in your parenting plan?

You've just gotten the kids back into their school routine, and now Halloween candy and decorations are taking over the store shelves. If Halloween wasn't among the holidays you and your co-parent included in your parenting plan, you're not alone. Many divorcing parents only address who will have the kids on the "big" holidays.

Tips for dealing with child custody and a new school year

Now that the school year is here, it is time for parents to evaluate the way that they have things set up for their child's education. One thing that must be established is how both parents are going to remain involved in the child's educational life. Children tend to do better when they know that both parents are supporting them.

Suspect your ex is hiding assets? Here's where to look.

Even if you knew that your marriage was heading toward divorce for quite some time, the process can still be incredibly emotional. However, divorce is also a legal process that emotions should not rule. Not everyone takes this to heart, though. Hiding assets and money is often an emotional response to property division, and it might be more common than you think.

Your role as a grandparent during your child's divorce

If you've got an adult child who's going through a divorce, you're likely experiencing your fair share of emotions about it. If you have grandchildren, you're probably concerned for their well-being. It can be difficult to know what your role should be during this time.

The physical effects of a divorce on older individuals

The end of a marriage is a difficult time for both parties, particularly when it comes to finances. It's inevitable that a divorce will have financial effects on a person's life and bring other major changes, but it is important not to overlook the physical effects that this process can have. For some, divorce can have a negative effect on health and wellness.

The way you ask for a divorce will impact you in the future

There's nothing easy about asking your spouse for a divorce, as both you and your spouse will have a lot to say about your current situation and what the future will bring. There will be a lot of emotions on both sides, so it's important to prepare for this discussion.

Tips for discussing prenuptial agreements with your future spouse

Discussing a prenuptial agreement isn't something that many people think about when they become engaged. They might think that this is only appropriate for those who have significant financial worth. Unfortunately, that mode of thinking can mean that you don't have the protections that you need once you say, "I do."

Changing your parenting plan as your child grows up

If you and your spouse divorce when your child is very young, the parenting plan you agree on will almost certainly need to be modified as they get older. Precisely when those changes need to be made will depend on your child's needs, and to some degree, their wishes.

Parent-child relationships shouldn't suffer because of a divorce

When your children are suddenly forced to live between two homes because of a divorce, they are likely going to grow closer to the parent they are with most of the time. This can leave the relationship with the other child lacking in some of the same elements that are present in the one with the custodial parent. It is up to both parents to try to rectify the situation.

What should you do when counseling is getting you nowhere?

You've been having trouble in your marriage for some time now. Instead of quickly pulling the plug on the relationship, you and your spouse tried marriage counseling. You've been going for a while, but things do not seem to be improving. What should you do next?

Co-parenting after divorce: Things to do and things to avoid

If you've been through a divorce, you and your kids may have already overcome many challenges as you worked together to find your "new normal." And the way you and your ex relate to one another can have significant effects on your children's ability to cope with the new arrangements and move on in life.