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Don't overlook the importance of a prenuptial agreement

We recently discussed some common myths about prenuptial agreements. Anyone who is getting married should familiarize themselves with these. You might think that your current financial situation isn't conducive to one of the agreements, but this isn't the type of thinking that is going to protect you. We are here to discuss the benefits of a prenup with you and help you to work through the process of creating one.

3 myths about prenuptial agreements

Prenuptial agreements may not be romantic, but they can set the stage for your marriage by giving you a legal contract that you both understand and agree to. People often forget that marriage is a legal agreement, and they enter into it without thinking about the ramifications. A prenup allows you to do so.

Plan your budget carefully to include child-related expenses

One aspect of child custody cases that many people don't like to think about is child support. This financial support is critical for rearing the children, so you must be prepared to handle the commitment to pay it. No parent should ever think of child support as something negative. In fact, you might even say that paying is an honor since it is a way you can be there for your children even when you can't be around physically.

Can divorce be a positive for the kids?

People often act like divorce can only be a negative for children, and they talk about ways that parents can reduce this impact. While it is important to think of the children's best interests and to understand the potential ramifications for them, you should know that divorce is not always a negative. It can also have a very positive impact on a child's life.

Tips for creating a healthy parenting relationship

Your children have grown up knowing only what it is like to have their parents in a relationship. If things don't work out and you end the marriage, you might find that the kids have trouble handling this major change. It is easy to understand why, but it can be more difficult to find ways to help them adjust.

Is your child support or custody plan no longer feasible?

When you divorce and a court issues an order regarding child custody and support, you and your ex are legally obligated to adhere to its terms. If you are paying child support, you are responsible for making every payment on time as well as adhering to the rest of the terms the court issued in your co-parenting plan. Does this mean, however, that everything is set in stone and you can never change the way you do things?

4 ways a separation can be the same as a divorce

Often, a separation comes before a divorce. Couples may wish to make this a legal separation, which means they sit down and figure out their legal rights and responsibilities while living apart. They are still married, but the separation can in many ways be like a divorce.

Child custody modifications can be achieved through teamwork

As you make decisions about child custody for your kids, you have to ensure that you are thinking about their best interests. These will change as they grow, which means that you might have to change the child custody order as the kids get older. While this might seem like a hassle, it insures that they are getting what they need. We are here to help you find solutions to issues that creep up, even when you need something that is more creative than the standard arrangements.

How can you get half your assets if your spouse is hiding them?

California is one of nine states that use to community property laws when spouses decide to divorce. That means, in California, the spouses' community property -- otherwise known as marital property -- is supposed to be divided on a 50/50 basis. Whether or not that happens could depend on multiple factors, such as accurate or inaccurate valuation of assets or the kind of assets each spouse would prefer to keep.

Child care plans for the holidays need to be made now

Children who are in school have some breaks coming up that parents need to think about. If your children will need child care during these, you should likely start making plans for this now. This is especially true if you are divorced since you will have to take the child custody schedule into account.