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Hiding assets: Divorce is even tougher if a spouse is doing this

Divorce would be a lot easier if all spouses could cooperate and compromise to achieve swift and fair settlements. In reality, things often do not happen like that. In fact, spouses get pretty nasty sometimes, perhaps trying to hide assets or otherwise give an ex the short end of the settlement stick.

Tips to cope with an unwanted divorce

Some people go through a divorce that is unwanted. When you are in this situation, you might find that it is hard to cope with the situation. You might not know how to move on with your life. There are several things that you should do to help you out with this.

Healing after divorce takes time. Here are some things to consider "letting go."

Have you ever experienced a time in your life when something or someone was holding up your own progress or success? Perhaps, after realizing this, you decided it was best to end a friendship or to part with whatever it was that was causing you to lose focus on your ultimate goals. People who are going through divorce may be able to relate to these issues.

Don't harbor animosity in child support cases

One of the biggest adjustments for adults who are going through a divorce is learning how to handle the finances. This is especially true when you are going from a two-income household to a single-income home. The challenge is exacerbated when there are children in the picture. You have to make sure that they have what they need. Child support might help you do this.

Are you up against a divorce bully?

Your spouse has never really acted aggressively toward you before, but that all changed when you filed for divorce. Now your spouse has been bullying you and trying to take control of the divorce, twisting the process to their own advantage.

Plan for the first holiday season after your divorce

With the winter holidays coming up fast, some newly single parents might find themselves nervous about what's to come. The first holiday season after divorce is usually filled with a wide of emotions. Knowing what to expect and making a plan for things that are occurring might help you to feel more in control and better able to cope.

Custody schedules usually change when a child is a teenager

When your children are young, you were able to make all the decisions about them. Once you have teens, things get a bit more complex. Teens typically have their own schedules. They are learning how to become productive adults and have to be given the freedom to make some of their decisions on their own. This is complicated a bit when you have a child custody agreement in place.

Getting divorced? Where will your pet live?

Is your household one of the 67 percent of homes in the U.S. that includes a pet? If so, and if you're getting divorced, issues regarding your pet may be a central focus. Just as you may have to make some important decisions as a parent regarding child custody and support, it is also critical that you and your spouse agree about pet care.

Elements of a good post-divorce parenting plan

Whether you were married for only a few years or for several decades, it's never easy to come to terms with the fact that your marriage isn't going to last a lifetime. Divorce is tough, and when children are involved, it's even tougher. However, getting divorced doesn't make you a bad parent.