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How do I receive child support payments in California?

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When a child support agreement is finalized by the courts in California, it becomes effective either that day or a date in which the court deems appropriate. Once you know what money is coming to you, it's likely that you will start to wonder how the payment will be sent to you. So, how do you receive child support payments in California?

In California, all child support payments are sent to an agency known as the State Disbursement Unit. This agency then distributes the payments to the proper recipients when they are due. The agency sends the payments to recipients in one of three ways:

  • Physical check mailed to your current residence
  • Loaded onto an electronic payment card, which is comparable to an ATM or Debit card
  • Direct deposit into a savings or checking account of your choosing

Many residents of the state often wonder how they can receive payments if they are involved in multiple child support arrangements. The resident does not have to register for more than one account with the State Disbursement Unit. Registering one time will ensure that you receive payments from all of your agreements.

Enrolling in the electronic payment card system takes roughly 10 to 14 days for the card to arrive at your home. Once the payments are disbursed to the card, you can use it immediately and have no limit as to how much you can spend from the card so long as the money is there.

Receiving child support payments is an important topic to research when going through a custody battle. You will want to know how payments will be sent to you, how often and what you can do if you stop receiving them prior to the order expiring.

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